Next month, (that’s this website!) will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. Wow. I mean, honestly. Wow.

We’ve got a lot of exciting features planned for the celebration, and we’re extremely excited to launch one of them early: ToughPigs at 20. Over the next few months, we’ll be back-patting and navel-gazing with a series of interviews with the writers and artists who’ve contributed to ToughPigs over the past two decades.

ToughPigs at 20 is the latest podcast on our “Muppet Fan Podcasts with” channel, home to our previous podcasts 15 Seconds to Curtain, The Muppets: The Sitcom: The Podcast, and To Introduce Our Guest Star.

Our premiere episode takes us all the way back to the beginning, as we chat with ToughPigs’ founder Danny Horn. We’re covering the website’s humble beginnings as MuppetZine, the origins of the My Week series, Grover’s Mom, and when Jim Henson met Big Boy.

You can listen below, or on any of your favorite podcast catchers like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify!

Thanks for listening, and we hope you’ll enjoy this upcoming season of ToughPigs at 20, a celebration of’s 20th anniversary!

Hosted and Edited by Joe Hennes
Guest Danny Horn
Theme Music by Staci Rosen
Logo Art by Chris Smigliano

Episodes will be released on Thursdays beginning next week.

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