We’re talking about Episode 6, “The Ex-Factor,” in which Kermit has to buy Denise a birthday present and the band takes Kristen Chenoweth to the desert. With special guest Scott Hanson, co-founder of Muppet Wiki!

PLUS: Is Denise interesting? How articulate should Animal be? How old is Floyd? Lots of product placement! Ryan sends Pepe an e-mail! And the comedic value of the “whoopsie bin!”

ALSO: Read the now-legendary article “GroversMom.com” on ToughPigs.com!

ALSO: See a picture of Ryan’s painted pottery monster on ToughPigs.com!

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Hosted by Ryan Roe
Guest Scott Hanson
Edited by Ryan Roe
Theme Music by Staci Rosen
Logo by Joe Hennes

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