Last Christmas, we were pleased to see the Sesame gang head to Utah for The Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s annual holiday celebration.  Well, we were pleased to hear about it.  We didn’t actually get to see much.

The reason for that, thankfully, is that we’d get to see it eventually.  MoTab has a habit of holding off on their broadcasts and DVDs until the following year so they can make a little money while the new Christmas show is going on.  Makes sense.

And now we see that the 2014 Christmas special will be available on DVD on October 16th!  Click here to pre-order on Amazon!

Also on Amazon is another link to a soundtrack album from the special.  There’s no release date and no way to pre-order, so who knows if it’s real or not.

Many thanks to ToughPigs’ pal Shane for the info! Click here to pose in front of some rusty gears on the ToughPigs forum!

by Joe Hennes –

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