Muppets Mayhem: Full Trailer, Celebrity Cameos, and More

Published: April 12, 2023
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Friends, we are officially in full countdown mode. In less than one month – on May 10th, to be exact – The Muppets Mayhem premieres on Disney+. Following that intriguing teaser from last week, we’ve got way more than a tease now. We’ve got a proverbial tour van-full of information about the new series.

First up, we’ve got a full trailer for the show! Way more than just some flashing images to whet your whistle – we’ve got more character moments, more plot development, and so so so many celebrity cameos. Give it a watch!

Are you jazzed yet? Yeah, you’re super jazzed. I know I am.

Wasn’t it great seeing all those celebrities? And there are more to come! Just look at this insane list of notable folks who will be appearing in Muppets Mayhem, many of whom have already worked with the Muppets!

Amazing! At a quick glance, we’ve got Muppets Tonight guest star Paula Abdul, The Electric Company‘s Morgan Freeman, The Muppets‘ Kristen Schaal, and Muppets Most Wanted‘s Danny Trejo all making valiant returns to the family. I’m also excited to see Cheech and Chong’s reunion, Hollywood legend James Hong, and “how have they never appeared on screen with the Muppets?” Weird Al Yankovic.

Also of interest to me: Ben Schwarz – a highlight from Parks and Recreation. Riki Lindholm – perhaps reprising her character from The Muppets (the sitcom)? Nicole Byer – the hilarious host of Nailed It. Joe Lo Truglio – from Brooklyn Nine-Nine (and the first cast member from The State with a Muppet connection!). And of course, Muppet performers David Bizarro and Stephanie D’Abruzzo.

The final bit of news (for now!) is that the long-awaited Electric Mayhem album is now available for pre-order! Click here to place your order for the vinyl soundtrack, or to “pre-save” the streaming album on Spotify or Apple Music. We have no details yet on a track listing, but that’s probably because the Mayhem hasn’t recorded it yet. They’ll be doing that (presumably) throughout their series on May 10th.

Wowzers, that sure is a lot. I think I need to sit down a bit after all this new information. And with another month until The Muppets Mayhem premieres, we’re bound to see even more over the next four weeks! So stay tuned to ToughPigs for more news, and set your dials to Disney+!

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