Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that I totally dropped the ball on the last Book Club. Sadly, I chose a book that held many fond childhood memories for everyone, which nobody wants to mock in the fashion that we ToughPigs hold so dear. But look at the bright side, at least you got to read an awesome Grover book for free!

This time around, I think we’ll have better canon fodder because of one thing: Ernie in his skivvies. So go ahead and read “Just Like Ernie”, and post your introspective/anal-retentive/ridonkulous comments on the ToughPigs forum. Or if you’d rather do the e-mail thing, feel free to send them to me directly. In a couple weeks, I will post the best of the best right here on ToughPigs.com for the whole world to see. Now, on with the oversized glasses show!Suggested Discussion Questions:

1.) Is Bert just dealing with a mild case of depression (as always) in a new and creative way, or is he suffering from Single White Female Syndrome? Or is he perhaps using imitation as an outlet to express his true feelings for Ernie?

2.) If imitating Ernie doesn’t make Bert less lame, what else can he try? Lord knows those saddle shoes aren’t doing him any favors.

3.) Where can I get me one of those Super Cookie Monster lunch boxes?

4.) Do the Alphabeats go through drummers like Spinal Tap? And what does it say about their professionalism that they’ll pick up a new drummer at Hooper’s Store on a whim like that?

5.) How does the Figgy Fizz bottle cap hold up against the American dollar in this economic climate? Apparently they’re worth at least the cost of a jacket, sunglasses, sneakers, joke book, and lunch box. Should we be adding Figgy Fizz bottlecaps to our investment packages?

Bonus question: Does Ernie wear boxers or briefs? Oh wait, nevermind.
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