ToughPigs Art: Evan Cheng, Part 2

Published: August 6, 2011
Categories: Art, Feature

Part 1Part 2

We continue our spotlight on Sesame Street artist Evan Cheng! Click here for part 1! And then start looking at the pretty pictures below!

happyHappy Muppets

jacksonMichael Jackson


joeG.I. Joe


lateniteLate night talk show hosts

lookLookin’ to the left

sketch groverFantastic Grover sketch


streetfighterStreet Fighter

trekStar Trek



zombies 2More zombies

Thanks again to Evan Cheng for agreeing to share all of his fantastic work with us! For more of his work beyond the Sesame, check out his side project, “2B”. Click here for the project’s weblog and click here for the Facebook fan page.

Click here to run from zombie Grover on the ToughPigs forum!

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