ToughPigs Art: Smig Takes on Politics, Disney, and Lederhosen

Published: July 11, 2016
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When last we left off, we were sharing the latest fantastic Muppet fan art of our resident scribbler Chris “Smig” Smigliano.  Being the brilliant comic-making machine he is, he created too many illustrations to fit into just one article!  What a predicament!

Below, you’ll find part 2 of Smig’s most recent illustrations, including some thoughts on the cancellation of The Muppets, the Presidential race, and how to fix a toaster.

smig-beakersigh smig-clink smig-deadly4prez smig-grave smig-grover smig-kojak smig-mightymouse smig-noose smig-pencilsmig-oboe smig-robot smig-scredpool smig-sigmund smig-snap smig-spider smig-wings smig-wookiesmig-thanks

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