Sesame Street’s latest interactive app for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch is Another Monster at the End of This Book, based on the 1996 book (the sequel to the classic A Monster at the End of This Book)and available RIGHT NOW at the iTunes store.  For this review, we sought the opinions of some critics who are a little closer to the target audience than we are: Seven-year-old Carter Rollins and his brother, nine-year-old Miles Rollins.  Here are their thoughts.

CARTER:  I liked The Monster at the End of This Book, and read it and play it a lot.  My dad got the new app with Elmo and Grover this week, and I like it even more.  They’re kind of the same app, with Grover reading the book to you, but this one has Elmo in it too.

CARTER:  I like that Elmo wants you to keep reading the book, and helps you turn the pages.  Grover doesn’t want you to, because he’s scared of the monster.  There are some games on some pages, like taking paper clips off of the pages so you can turn them.

MILES: You can also add paper clips to the pages to make the game last longer, and Grover will help you put more paper clips on, and Elmo wants you to take them off.  My favorite part is a game with blocks that you can use to build up a wall and break it down.

CARTER:  The Glue Page is my favorite—you help Grover by spreading more glue on the pages, so Elmo can’t turn them.  But you can also clean off the glue and help Elmo.  There’s a game with a steel door that’s also fun, you just need to match the colors to open the door.  At the end, I like how Grover and Elmo scare each other and think they’re the monster, and say “YOU! YOU! YOU! YOU! YOU! YOU!” lots of times.

CARTER:  I liked this app better than the one with just Grover.  Grover and Elmo are funny together, and you get to play more games and do new stuff with them.  I like the old app too, but this one is more fun for me.

MILES: Both of the apps are fun.  I like the first Monster at the End of This Book better, because you can do more things with the bricks and ropes.  I also like how you can tickle Grover in that one.

CARTER:  Grover’s a MONSTER! He shouldn’t be AFRAID of monsters.  The next book should have Oscar the Grouch with Elmo and Grover.  That would be funny.

MILES:  I think the next one should have Grover with Bert and Ernie and Rubber Duckie.


Thanks to Carter, Miles, and their dad for this review!  Click here to spread glue on the Tough Pigs forum!

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