This Christmas, I’m doing things the old-fashioned way… I’m inviting an Australian friend to stay with me and watch Muppet Christmas specials for a whole week. And I’m not getting one of those cheap plastic Australian friends like you buy at the mall, no no — I’ve got my pal Kynan Barker here, professional comedy writer and Deputy Web Monkey for this very website.

I was raised Jewish, and now I’m an atheist; Kynan was raised Catholic, and now he’s a comedy writer. So obviously we have a lot to learn about Christmas, and what better way to do it than to immerse ourselves for a week in the Muppet Christmas Spirit. If you’d like to join us and share our holiday celebration, just print out these pages, fire up the VCR and read along with us. And frog bless us, every one!

Monday – A Christmas Together
Tuesday – Let It Snow
Wednesday – House Arrest
Thursday – Bell’s Angels
Friday – Natashianity

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