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April 1, 2018

JUST ANNOUNCED: Land of Gorch Babies!

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From the bubbling tar pits to the sulfurous wasteland, from the rotting forest to the stagnant mud flats, to the…nursery? Get ready, because the people who brought you Rankin-Bass’ Coneheads and The Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley are bringing The Land of Gorch from Saturday Night to Saturday morning! Lorne Michaels’ Jim Henson’s Land of Gorch Babies stars all your favorite characters as adorable babies. Prince Ploobis is learning how to become a great king as he starts his own court with his best friend Scred, and his friends, Peuta and Vazh. Join them as they learn and play under the guidance of The Great Favog (long before he became mighty). And because we’re dedicated to getting the full scoop (and because we don’t have anything better to do with our time), we here at ToughPigs have also gotten synopses of the first few episodes.

EP101 – “Save Your Skin”

When Ploobis accidentally ruins Vazh’s gligskin coat, he faces a choice: tell the truth and risk Vazh being angry at him, or lie to his friend. Teaches the importance of corroborating alibis to avoid suspicion.

EP102 – “Crownin’ Around”

Scred admires Ploobis’ crown. When Ploobis takes it off during snacktime, Scred decides to borrow it, but doesn’t ask permission. He’s about to return it, but decides there’s a better way to handle things. Teaches how to create a convincing forgery to take the heat off you.

EP103 – “You’re a Doll”

Ploobis gets a new toy on his birthday: a brand new doll. While Ploobis enjoys it, Scred, Vazh, and Peuta tease him for playing with “a girl’s toy.” Will Ploobis fall to peer pressure and lose the doll, or will he continued to be teased? Teaches how to throw an effective left hook.

Does the Land of Gorch still have life in it? Will this be a hit Saturday Night Live spinoff, like The Blues Brothers, or will this be a complete dud, like Blues Brothers 2000? Will it be cancelled halfway through and replaced with cartoons directed by Albert Brooks? Watch this space for more updates!

Thanks to Jay Fosgitt for his invaluable assistance with this article!

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by Matthew Soberman

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