What Were We Talking About? PART TWO: The Answers!

Published: August 31, 2011
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So how do you think you did on the second What Were We Talking About? match-’em-up game?  Check out the answers below, complete with links to the original reviews!

1. “So what did we learn from this DVD? Magic is not something to mess around with. So I hope all the kids at home who were planning on experimenting with dark forces are paying close attention! We also learned that Chris looks delicious as a cookie (but not as delicious as Sandra Oh in her cookified dress… rawr!).”  From Joe Hennes’ review of Elmo and Friends: The Letter Quest and Other Magical Tales

2. “But should you watch it? Well, that depends… Do you find the following things funny: Puppets in bondage gear, 13-year-old children drinking beer, jokes about pigs having intimate relations with midgets? If so, this is the show for you.”  From Ryan Roe’s review of Tinseltown

3. “It is short, but the flip side is that there’s no boring parts. We don’t get tragic stories of childhood poverty, battles with substance abuse, mystical revelations that all people are one — or whatever else fills up those huge biographies that people buy and never read. Practically all the stories in the book relate directly to Sesame Street and Caroll’s career with puppets, so it’s just one little gem after another.”  From Danny Horn’s review of The Wisdom of Big Bird

4. “References to Bert’s paperclips, Ernie counting fire engines, and monsters that go “wubba wubba” showed that attention was certainly paid to Sesame Street’s lauded 40-year history (save for one mildly baffling line where Bert tells Ernie to “put the duckie down” — wouldn’t it have been easy to switch around the words and pay homage to one of the biggest Sesame Street hits of the 80’s? But I digress.).”  From David Beukema’s review of Bert & Ernie, Goodnight!

5. “You should probably carry the DVD around with you in case anyone ever asks you, ‘Hey, could give me an account of the Muppets’ rise to international fame in one hour or less??’ Oh, and make sure you also carry a DVD player, so you can show it. Oh, and a TV. Also a really long extension cord.”  From Ryan Roe’s review of Henson’s Place on DVD

6. “I’m planning to show this DVD to my non-Muppet-fan friends (and yes, I have some), to demonstrate why I love the Muppets so much. There’s a short list of Muppet/Sesame projects that you can show to a non-fan without having to apologize for something, or fast-forward past a slow bit. This… DVD is on that list for sure.” From Danny’s review of A Celebration of Me, Grover

7. “A four-year-old who hears Elmo saying it’s cool to pick up trash is probably not going to run out and adopt a highway. But it couldn’t hurt to plant the seed… And maybe in time, as that seed matures, the kids who watch this video over and over will grow into responsible adult trees who try to reduce their carbon emissions instead of douchebag trees who throw empty bottles out the windows of their tree cars.”  From Ryan’s review of Being Green

8. “The characters are pretty close likenesses of the puppet, but they’re loose and cartoony enough that their expressions really sing. When Large Marvin licks the floor of the cave, his look of sheer desperation is one the puppet could never make, which makes the sight gag even funnier.”  From Anthony Strand’s review of Fraggle Rock Vol. 2 #3.

9. “But after maybe two seconds of trying to imagine people inside the costumes, you’ll forget about the science of filmmaking and fall backwards and upside-down into movie magic. The puppetry was flawless and natural, while the CGI was used lightly enough to be hardly noticeable.”  From Joe’s review of Where the Wild Things Are

10. “And then the song ends with this incredibly piercing clinker of a note. It’s like, La dee da, dee de da da, la dee da, la dee da… DOO-OO-EWWWW!”  From Danny’s review of For the Kids CD

11. ”In this case, a full booklet is included, featuring a brief synopsis of each song (which is important if you don’t know what ‘Ohgneyat Al Lo’ba Al Sha’beyya’ means) and translations into Spanish, French, and German. The notes are cute and informative, and now I’ve figured out how to say ‘Mr. Noodle’ in four languages!”  From Joe’s review of Putamayo’s Sesame Street Playground CD

12. “So there’s your travel lesson, kids: Run away from your tour group, as fast as your legs can carry you! The tour guide means you ill! Fall in with anonymous locals, and uncover their secret agendas! Spend the night crashing in strangers’ beds! That’s your key to a satisfying travel experience.”  From Danny’s review of Big Bird in Japan on DVD

13. “The only real duds on the Volume 2 disc are ‘True Mud,’ which just doesn’t make much sense, and ‘The O Show,’ but that one is mostly due to Oprah Winfrey’s listless performance as the titular vowel.”  From Ryan’s review of Best of Sesame Street Spoofs

14. ”Although there’s more raw information in those first 150 pages than you can shake a stick at (assuming you’re one for stick-shaking), there isn’t much about Sesame Street or the Muppets. And let’s face it, you’re probably on this site in the first place because you’re a Muppet fan. Or because you’re my dad (Hi, Dad!).”  From Joe’s review of Street Gang

15. ““The Count joins with a version of The Countess played by Fran Brill for “Let It Snow.” I realized while listening to it that the Count is one of the few Sesame Muppets who can pull off a genuinely romantic song. When he says “The lights are turned way down low,” you know exactly what he means. (Okay, he partially means that it’s easier to count snowflakes with the lights off, but still.)”  From Anthony’s review of Elmo Saves Christmas Holiday Favorites

16. ”Now, as an uneducated Jewish boy, I was admittedly a little hesitant in buying this album. I can count the number of Christmas-related albums I’ve bought on one finger (that’d be Muppet Christmas Carol, for those of you keeping score). Growing up, we felt like we heard the same three Christmas songs over and over, and somehow we still never learned the words to them (seriously, a verse about figgy pudding? You’re making that up…)” From Joe’s review of Bob from Sesame Street Christmas Sing Along

17. “I sometimes questioned his decisions to accept certain audience suggestions. A 1950s manners film about… farting? A lecture about… masturbation? Seriously? I realize the show is for adults only (and it really, truly is uncensored), but the dumbest, crudest suggestions are not always the best ones.” From Ryan’s review of Stuffed and Unstrung

18. ”There are a lot of completists out there (yours truly included) who might want one of each of the series. And while that’s a little sad for those of us who will get this book and never bother to open it, it might give hope that a book by Fozzie or Gonzo or Statler and Waldorf or Crazy Harry might be around the corner. Though hopefully they’ll take a hint and avoid the inspirational genre. Kermit can pull it off. Greedy, slutty prawns can’t.”  From Joe’s review of It’s Hard Out Here for a Shrimp

So how did you do?  Are you a review-matching expert?  If you said “Yes,” congratulations!  If you said “No,” my deepest apologies.  You’ll do better next time!

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by Ryan Roe – Ryan@ToughPigs.com

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