pigsIn case you haven’t noticed, ToughPigs.com just underwent a major design change. And I really hope you did notice, or else I’d have to recommend a visit to your optometrist as soon as humanly possible.

The new ToughPigs offers super-easy navigation, including a new front page with a list of all our most recent articles. Now there’s so much less unnecessary scrolling! But that’s still no excuse for not checking in with us every day.

Another exciting bit is that we’ve got a column on the front page dedicated to the latest Muppet news. So keep on checking back here for up-to-the-minute updates on TV appearances, merchandise news, DVD releases, and pretty much anything with the Frog on it. As always, we’ll keep you informed via our Twitter and Facebook feeds. You just can’t shut us up!

The new ToughPigs isn’t completely without bugs to work out. We’re still in the process of adding articles from 2001-2005 to our database, so don’t fret, they’ll be back soon. And certain pages are still under construction, like our upcoming About Us and Links pages. If you see any bugs, feel free to drop us a line and let us know!

Of course, we couldn’t create a new site without the help of ToughPigs’ artist-in-residence Smig! Many thanks to Smig for all his hard work, which is now plastered all over ToughPigs!

And a million thanks go out to our web designer, Joshua Johnson, who created the whole template for this site and changed ToughPigs from a just-a-blog into an honest-to-Frog website.

Lastly, keep a close eye on this space over the rest of the week, because to help celebrate our grand reopening, we’ve got an exclusive interview with the amazing Jerry Nelson! Jerry makes everything better!


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by Joe Hennes – joe.toughpigs@gmail.com

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