Kermit the Frog made an appearance onĀ The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonĀ last night. As Fallon played a ukulele, Kermit popped up to sing a song.

You’ll never guess what song he sang. You’ll never, ever guess. Do you give up? IT WAS “RAINBOW CONNECTION.” Can you believe it? Kermit the Frog appeared on TV and sang “Rainbow Connection!” Wow!

Check it out:

As you can see, the frog and the human also announced that they’ll be judging a contest for kids to create upcoming Google Doodles. You can find out more about that contest at And you can read about how overplayed “Rainbow Connection” is right here.

(Seriously, though, it’s always a delight to see Kermit on TV. Next time he should guest-host for the whole episode. And sing a different song.)

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by Ryan Roe –

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