The Muppets’ current TV guest appearance blitz isn’t limited to English-language shows.  Recently, Kermit appeared on Univision’s morning show Despierta América, where he flirted a bit with the show’s weather forecaster, and did a pretty cool trick with a green screen.  Check it out:

He also sat in for some chat with the show’s cast, and told them Miss Piggy likes pancakes:

Of course, true Muppet fans know that Kermit misspeaks when he says he’s never tried rapping.  He performed “Rapper’s Delight” on Wayne Brady’s morning show back in the early 2000s!

My big question here is, does Steve Whitmire speak fluent Spanish?  He seems to know exactly what the hosts are saying the whole time.  Or maybe it’s just Kermit who’s bilingual.

Kermit Despierta America
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by Ryan Roe –

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