Eric Jacobson is a busy guy these days.  As if it weren’t enough that Miss Piggy is all over the place, in the last few days Sam the Eagle made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and then Fozzie and Animal hung out on The Arsenio Hall Show.

Fozzie sat in as Arsenio’s announcer on Friday night, and did a surprisingly solid job.  In fact, aside from a few Fozzie-worthy jokes, he mostly played it straight.  Take a look:

Meanwhile, Animal sat in with the band, and went head-to-furry-pink-head with Robin DiMaggio, the show’s bandleader and drummer.  This is good stuff:

My favorite part of that clip is that Animal actually blinks at the end of the staring contest.

We still have ten days left until Muppets Most Wanted comes out.  That’s plenty of time for more Eric Jacobson Muppets to show up on late night talk shows… How about Marvin Suggs on Craig Ferguson?

Fozzie Arsenio Hall
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by Ryan Roe –

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