While we eagerly await the next Muppet movie, upcoming Doozers TV show, the new season of Sesame Street, and that dusty VHS you’ve got of Aliens in the Family, it kinda seems like there aren’t any Muppets on television these days. Well, you’re wrong. Dead wrong. Really really super dead wrong.

In one form or another, the Muppets have been popping their little heads on TV a lot lately. Let’s take a peek at a few of them.
Three (three!) recent episodes of 30 Rock have contained tidbits that’d make more than a few Muppet fans’ eyebrows to raise. Three weeks ago, a picture of Miss Piggy appeared in a non-sequitor about Jenna’s wardrobe. One week ago, Alan Muraoka made a cameo as a guy about to get fired. But the kicker was two weeks ago when the cast was seen as Sesame Street Anything Muppets! Click here and here to see the video while they last!
The whole Muppet gang (kinda) made an appearance on Saturday Night Live in what might be construed as a disturbing deleted scene from The Muppet Movie. But it begs the question: Why is Rowlf driving?? Click here for watching!
Elmo and Abby Cadabby went on Bonnie Hunt’s show to promote the new DVD, “Being Green,” and to promote their own cuteness. I couldn’t find the first half of the interview, but here they are talking about how kids can greenify their home.
Kobe Bryant, along with Mini Kobe, will be on the 40th season of Sesame Street. Mini Kobe sounds like a cut of steak on the children’s menu. Watch the video!
Lastly, Elmo was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon earlier this week. And we’re doing you the great favor of linking to a video of the interview, rather than making you actually watch an episode of Jimmy Fallon’s show. You’re welcome. Click here, yo!

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