Once again (and again and again), ToughPigs’ own Smig combined his love of the Muppets with his extraordinary artistic talent to create some new Muppet fan art for us! This time around, we’ve got a good mix of old and new, puns and parodies, vertical and horizontal. Yeah, I have no idea what I’m talking about. I drank a lot of cough syrup earlier today.

Remember, give any of the images a click-a-roo to see them big-a-rino!

First up are two images Smig drew a few years ago. The Clueless Morgan/Pepe picture was made specifically for Bill Barretta, and “BostonMup” was made as a pin for a ToughPigs get-together in 2001, but was never actually printed.

Something In CommonBostonMup 2001

How about a few pictures inspired by not-as-well-known characters? Oh please say yes. I can’t take that kind of rejection.


DragonSir Linit

Familiar characters + other familiar characters = hilarious. And you can’t argue with math.

Elmo FuddMartinized

Lastly, two Sam and Friends characters given an updated look. Because if anyone could use an update, it’s those 50-year-old puppets.

Sam the First

The Original Pac-Man

Yet again, many thanks go out to Smig for his awesome work!

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by Joe Hennes – Joe@ToughPigs.com

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