VCR Alert: Elmo, Cookie & Telly on Top Chef

Published: February 15, 2011
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topchef2When word got out that Top Chef would be doing a cookie bake-off, rumor has it that the contestants felt a low rumble in the ground, followed by what felt like a 6-point earthquake, and culminating with a hungry monster with a crazed look in his googly eyes bursting through the wall to demand a piece of that action. But rather than call the National Guard, they decided to ask him to stay (along with a few of his furry friends).

On Wednesday, February 16 at 10pm on Bravo, Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Telly will appear on Top Chef for an episode called “It’s Cookie Time!” And you should watch it. Because come on.

For a sneak peek at the episode, check out the video below!


Click here to set your alarm to quarter-to-cookie on the ToughPigs forum!

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