Together Again

Published: February 15, 2008
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In honor of St. Valentines Day, I’d like to celebrate the notion of Love amongst Muppets. And in honor of those of us who are single, I’d like to avoid anything actually having to do with Love by presenting a book about the oh-so-generic notion of Togetherness.

And with that arousing sentiment, the ToughPig Book Club presents: The Together Book! Please have a readaround and head on over to the ToughPigs forum to discuss ad nauseum (or, for the camera shy, you can e-mail your clever comments to After the mockery dies down, I’ll post the best comments here on Now stop reading this paragraph and get to the Togetherness!

Suggested Discussion Questions:

1.) What is it about the residents of Sesame Street that urges them to run, not walk, with whatever object is nearby toward a Muppet with a minor stumbling block?

2.) What’s up with Bert’s devilish grin? Does he know that he’s carrying something that is utterly useless to the situation? Is this how he gets his jollies?

3.) Is Cookie Monster setting a bad example for the kids by eating a sand cake? Is he setting a bad example for Ernie? Is Ernie the victim or the instigator?

4.) Is Farley two-timing Betty Lou by holding hands with Roosevelt Franklin? That hussy!!

5.) Can I hire illustrator Roger Bradfield to draw the story of my life? Because I think I love him.
Click here to add your comments/concerns/conundrums on the ToughPigs forum! Or click here to e-mail them directly to Joe.

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