Scooter’s sister. Piggy’s nephews. Robin’s uncle. They’ve all been featured in The Muppet Show Comic Book’s “Family Reunion” arc, and now we’re making our way to the very end. Even sadder is that we’ll be saying goodbye to Amy Mebberson, who will be handing the artistic reins back over to Roger Langridge next month.

Thankfully it won’t be long before Amy’s artwork is back on our pull list. She’ll be tackling illustrations for Muppet Sherlock Holmes, which will be following Muppet Snow White. So turn that frown upside-down, kids!

Check out the first few pages of The Muppet Show Comic Book #7 below, and if you dig it, buy it this Wednesday, June 30!

And remember, give the images a hearty click to see them in their full glory!




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by Joe Hennes –

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