In a world of Walters and Bret McKenzie soundtracks and Pepe the King Prawn’s uncomfortable sexual innuendo, we often find ourselves looking back to the old stuff to help us remember what made us fall in love with the Muppets in the first place.  But the issue with revisiting the oldies is that most of the ways we used to enjoy the old stuff is obsolete.  No more VCRs or Ataris for us, but if you still have a record player, you’re in luck.

According to our friends at Stitch Kingdom, The Muppet Movie soundtrack will be re-released onto vinyl on Record Store Day: April 19!

Quantities will be very limited, so be sure to hit up your local record store (click here to find the Record Store Day participant closest to you) and snag your copy before it’s gone for another 30 years.

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by Joe Hennes –

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