To Introduce Our Guest Star #6: Jen Barnhart

Published: May 27, 2021
Categories: Podcasts

This week on ‘To Introduce Our Guest Star’, Joe surprises Jarrod with longtime Muppet performer and star of Broadway’s Avenue Q, Jen Barnhart! Jen has had a huge career on shows like It’s A Big Big World, The Book of Pooh and, of course, Sesame Street, where she took over the role of Zoe after Fran Brill’s retirement, as well as playing new human Charli’s mom!

Listen as we discuss Snuffy’s mom, massage therapy, Avenue Q, criminal admissions and Jen’s dual role as a Sesame human performer and puppeteer, sometimes on the same day!

Hosted by Jarrod Fairclough and Joe Hennes
Guest Jen Barnhart
Edited by Jarrod Fairclough
Theme Music by Staci Rosen
Logo by Dave Hulteen

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