After a grueling session of designing, voting, judging, and wondering, the winners of the second Threadless Sesame Street t-shirt design contest have been announced!  And the winners are:

threadlesswinner2Grouch in Disguise, by Josh Billings

threadlesswinner3Cookies 24/7, by TREVOUR

threadlesswinner4Little Blue Riding Hood, by Grant Shepley

threadlesswinner5EL-M-N-O, by Derek Temple

threadlesswinner6Om-nom-nom-nom, by Joe Conte

threadlesswinner7Unfinished Business, by Pim Braeckevelt

threadlesswinner8This is the Song, by Grant Darrah

threadlesswinner9Yip Yip the Martians are Here, by Kim Vervuurt

threadlesswinner10Les Six Amis, by Mads Flintholm

threadlesswinner11Portrait of a Martian, by Dusty Rabjohn

threadlesswinner1The Street I Grew Up On, by Ivan Guerrero

Now, you may have noticed that a few of these designs did not from the Elmo/Oscar/Cookie Monster contest.  Some of them, like this final one, created by our friend Ivan Guerrero, was from a previous contest that was just screaming to be made into a shirt.  We’re so glad that Threadless made it a reality.

Congrats to all of the winners, and for the rest of us: I expect you all to be wearing one of these shirts the next time I see you!

Click here to grow up on a t-shirt on the ToughPigs forum!

by Joe Hennes –

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