On July 4th, amidst all of the fireworks and hot dog consumption and general American patriotism, something special was happening on SiriusXM.  Four human cast members and one (also human) Muppet performer appeared on the “On Broadway” satellite radio channel for a special Sesame Street group interview.

Bob McGrath (“Bob”), Sonia Manzano (“Maria”), Roscoe Orman (“Gordon”), Alan Muraoka (“Alan”), and Muppet performer Peter Linz were interviewed for the “Stagedoor Supperclub” program, hosted by Benjamin Schrader.  And thanks to ToughPigs reader (and our new best friend) Harry Emas, we’ve got a recording of the entire interview to share with you.

Now, the quality isn’t at 100%, but it’s most definitely good enough to listen to and absorb all of the Sesame goodness it contains.  Give the show a listen to below!

Many thanks to Harry Emas for providing the audio recording!

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by Joe Hennes –

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