It’s been far too long since our last spotlight on our artist-in-residence Chris “Smig” Smigliano.  Normally by this time, we’d have a good handful of new Smig art to drool over, but he’s been a busy boy over the past year, and we’ve got a TON of new pieces to enjoy!

Below, you’ll find most of the Muppet fan art Smig has created since last spring, including a series specific to certain jokes, references, and storylines from the current Muppet TV show!


smig springsmig puffnsnuffcardsabsorbantmeeperKerm60Spinneybumbillbday ernieiphonesmig-tpsketchsmiggrimace smigzootsmigvogelsmigfrazzlesmigpepe smigrizzo smiglipssmig-teethsmig-mildred smig-pops smig-spamela smig-suspicious smig-beakazoid smig-posts smig-food smig-abbysmig-murray smig-floyd smig-unibrowsmig-chipsmig-coffee smig-floyds dadsmig-pincushion smig-ss46smig-damnsmig-freezer smig-reindeer

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by Joe Hennes –

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