Smell Like a Goblin

Published: May 24, 2012
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As reported by our friends over at Muppet Mindset, there now exists a collection of perfumes inspired by Labyrinth.  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is offering The Labyrinth Collection, which includes scents called Thirteen Hours, Fairy Bites, Goblin Cider, Hoggle, and Jareth.  All of them are described as combinations of all kinds of weird, exotic scents, like “dried roseships” and “ethereal lilac fougere.”

Sadly, there’s no Bog of Eternal Stench or Bowie’s Bulge, but we can always hope for a second collection.  And just imagine the possibilities for a Dark Crystal series… “Kira’s Wings” and “Roast Nebrie,” anyone?

Click here to talk about this on the Tough Pigs forum, which smells of jasmine, orange peels, and rubber chickens.

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