Halloween is fast approaching, and our good pal Jay Fosgitt is helping us celebrate with a taste of what coulda been!

Below you’ll find a three-page comic that Jay created as a pitch for BOOM Studios’ Muppet fairy tales line. Although BOOM passed on Jay’s version of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, he was cool enough to allow us to post the goods right here. Give the images below a click to see them in their full size, and then read below to see Jay’s comments!


In Jay’s own words:

I’m a huge Muppet fan. This isn’t news to anyone whose seen my work. So when I found out Boom Comics were producing Muppet comics, I decided to make my work known to them. Noticing that Boom was dropping the Muppets into popular fairy tales, I decided to go off the beaten path a bit, and put them into the very first (and one of the few) genuinely American fairy tales, Washington Irving’s Sleepy Hollow.

I wrote, drew and colored this in the course of a day, and sent it off to Boom. To my dismay, it took them a few weeks to get back with me, just to let me know that Disney thought my work was “too cartoony” for the Muppets. Seriously. FOR THE MUPPETS. Oh well. Life goes on.

Come on, BOOM! How could you pass on a talent like Jay’s?? Here’s hoping they see the light and give him the recognition he deserves real soon.

Many thanks to Jay Fosgitt for all his hard work! Be sure to visit his website for more!

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by Joe Hennes – Joe@ToughPigs.com

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