The Jim Henson Company slipped another one past us.  Not only did we not know about the Fraggle Rock tribute album that was released back in September until after the fact, but we also didn’t know that there would be a follow-up album.  Nor did we know that it’s already online and available for purchase.

You can download “Shine On” on iTunes right here for $10.99 or for $1.29 per song.  The tracklisting is as follows:

  1. Why – Red Fang
  2. Helping Hand – City Lights
  3. Brave Boy Jump – Chalk and Numbers
  4. Treasure of the Fraggles – Dabrye
  5. I’m a Little Stewpot – Hairy Vetch
  6. Pukka, Pukka, Pukka Squeedly Bonk – Flash Hawk Parlour Ensemble
  7. Let Me Be Your Song – Sleepy Sun
  8. Dixie Wailin’ – Spencer Moody
  9. See Water Run – Mosquitoes
  10. Shine On – Corin Tucker Band
  11. Voodoo Spell – Mr. Tube & The High Flying Objects
  12. The Wind and the Pond and the Moon and Me – Cynthia Nelson
  13. Let Me Be Your Song – transmissions
  14. Dance Your Cares Away – Residual Echoes
  15. The Terrible Tunnel – nick dewitt
  16. Turn Your Buttons Down – Frontier Ruckus
  17. You’re On Your Own – Paul Brill
  18. I’ve Seen Troubles – Thee Oh Sees
  19. Yucky – PC Worship

I don’t know about most of you, but I don’t recognize any of these artists.  That doesn’t mean that they’re bad, just that we don’t know what to expect.  I kept an open mind while listening to the samples, and some of them turned out pretty good.  Others, not so much, but that’s the risk you take.  I’m also curious as to why “Let Me Be Your Song” appears on the album twice, but I guess if there’s any song to get that honor, that’s the one.

Many thanks to Jennifer Filips for the head’s up! Click here to add some electronica noise to the ToughPigs forum!

by Joe Hennes –

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