I’m not sure how long it’s been since Sesame Workshop produced anything outside of the Sesame Street brand, so it’s exciting to see that they’re launching a brand new YouTube channel focusing on all sorts of new productions.

Sesame Studios, just launched today, features fun new animations, songs, stories, and characters for kids.  You won’t see Grover or Guy Smiley or Herbert Birdsfoot here.  Instead, your host is Marvie, some sort of green lump with hair (okay, so she’s a bit cuter than my description lets on), and the videos are mostly one-shots.  Marvie is a motion capture puppet, which should delight a few of you out there.

Here’s a sampling of the videos they’ve already launched:

An introduction to Sesame Studios:

Sesame Studios song with YouTube star Todrick Hall:

Marvie’s Song:

Marvie’s Mothers Day Poem:

The Totems Family:

Brush Your Teeth to This Song:

New videos will be released every week!

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by Joe Hennes –

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