ss47Hey, did you know that Sesame Street is still on the air after 47 YEARS??  Of course you did.  But man, I’m never not amazed at the lasting power of Big Bird and his pals.

Sesame Workshop has announced that Sesame Street‘s 47th season will premiere in January, 2017 on HBO.  And there are a lot of interesting surprises that are tagging along.

First up, give a watch to the season 47 sizzle reel, which serves as a sampler for what to expect in the new episodes.

First up, there’s the celebrities: Sia, Tori Kelly, Zachary Levi, Little Big Town, Jason Derulo, James Corden, and Anthony Mackie.  But then there’s the big surprise: Elmo’s World is returning.  Kids love that place!

Here’s a full Elmo’s World episode to give you a taste of the new format:

We’ve learned that there will be three Mr. Noodles: Bill Irwin (who performed as the original Noodle), comedian Daniel Koren, and Hamilton‘s Daveed Diggs.  There will also be a few Noodle dogs named Schmoodle, Floodle, and Frank.  Dorothy is nowhere to be seen, but instead Elmo talks to his smartphone Smartie.

How about some more videos??  Here are the new Number of the Day and Letter of the Day songs:

And a couple clips from upcoming episodes, one of which features Zachary Levi as The Kindness Kid:

For those of you interested in the new Street stories, here are the official episode descriptions:

4701-be-kind-to-your-worm-1Be Kind to Your Worm – Oscar participates in the Be Kind to Your Worm day activities, because he knows it’ll make his best friend, Slimey, happy.

4702-the-kindness-kidThe Kindness Kid – The Kindness Kid (played by Zachary Levi) visits Sesame Street to spread kindness, and Grover wants to be a Kindness Kid too–but every time he tries to do something kind, he fails. Chris helps Grover realize that just trying to help someone is actually being kind.

additional-press-kit-asset_abby-helps-clear-things-upAbby Helps Clear Things Up – Abby helps Prince Charming calm down, so he doesn’t feel anxious at the eye doctor’s office.

Super Sitters – Grover and Cookie Monster help Chris babysit, and learn how to take care of a baby.

4705-having-a-ballHaving a Ball – When Saul the Ball is disappointed that he can’t play ball with Elmo and Rosita inside the house, Elmo and Rosita help him use his imagination to play other games.

4706-elmos-sweet-rideElmo’s Sweet Ride – Elmo shares his scooter with Zoe and learns how to be patient and wait for his turn, while she practices and learns how to ride.

4707-dress-upDress Up – Abby and Elmo play dress up and pretend to be lots of different people, like bike repair assistants, to help Nina fix Rosita’s bike.

Norbert’s Birthday – Rosita, Zoe, and Grover give Norbert the Robot a surprise birthday party to show how much they care about him.

4710-elmo-comes-clean-1Elmo Comes Clean – Elmo keeps hiding from Nina because he wants more time to play before his bath, but Ernie helps him realize that he can play in the bathtub, too.

4712-big-birds-songBig Bird’s Song – Abby and Elmo help Big Bird calm down, so he won’t be nervous singing on the show, “The Squawk.”

4713-get-ready-for-todayGet Ready for Today – Elmo and Abby help Crystal the Ball come up with a morning routine, so she can be ready to go out and play.

4717-bike-show-with-a-beatBike Show with a Beat – Nina and her friends make musical instruments out of bike parts and play music to attract customers to her new bike shop.

4724-fathers-day-1Father’s Day – It’s Father’s Day, and Rosita’s friends help her make a video message, so she can tell her dad how much she loves him.

4725-the-recycling-fairyThe Recycling Fairy -Redusa the Recycling Fairy visits Sesame Street and helps everyone recycle their old trash into something new to help keep the earth clean and beautiful.

Keep an eye out for the new season of Sesame Street in January on HBO, as well as PBS Kids, YouTube, and Univision!

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by Joe Hennes –

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