Labyrinth is a movie that looks cool on the big screen. Ludo… the M.C. Escher room… that giant door monster robot thing… It all looks great when it’s big. So it’s a good thing Fathom Events is beaming the movie to theaters across the country on April 29, May 1, and May 2.

According to Entertainment Weekly’s report, the Fathom screenings will also feature extra material that you can’t see on your 30-year-old VHS copy of the movie, including introductions by Jennifer Connelly and Brian Henson, and “an excerpt from the Jim Henson fantasy series The Storyteller.” Also, “Brian Henson will discuss the ‘Soldier and Death’ episode of the show, as well as more broadly the special effects techniques crucial to both Labyrinth and The Storyteller.” That sounds pretty good.

Tickets for Labyrinth will be available soon on And hey, don’t forget that Jim Henson’s other not-Muppet movie The Dark Crystal is getting a series of screenings on February 25 & 28 and March 3 & 6!

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by Ryan Roe –

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