The Muppets are apparently still on the road, driving in their Toyota Highlander from the Super Bowl to the premiere of Muppets Most Wanted in Los Angeles.  You’d think they would have gotten there by now, but maybe they’ve been stopping along the way for some sightseeing.

Two new videos have been posted by Toyota.  In this one, Rowlf and Rizzo attempt to get drive-thru sushi in Portland:

And in this one, Rizzo and Pepe struggle with an empty gas tank in Boise:

These are lots of fun, but they do raise questions: Exactly what route are they taking from New Jersey to LA that takes them through Portland and Boise?  Where is Pepe while Rowlf is driving?  Where is Rowlf while Pepe is driving?  What the heck happened to all the other Muppets who were in the car in the previous Highlander commercials?  And who is Bob Momarshovitz?

Pepe Rizzo Highlander
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by Ryan Roe –

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