Can you believe it’s been 20 years since the release of Muppet RaceMania? Can you believe there was a game called Muppet RaceMania? Okay, can you believe there was actually a racing video game starring the Muppets?

Well, it’s all true! The bizarre and challenging Muppet RaceMania was released for the Playstation in October, 2000, and you could pit a couple dozen Muppets against each other on stages inspired by the Muppet films and TV series.

Speaking of old productions, back in 2013, ToughPigs planned a series of video game reviews, which we left unfinished. But thanks to the art of video editing, Dave Hulteen salvaged our Muppet RaceMania footage and created this terrific video review! Just in time for the 20th anniversary! As if we planned it that way.


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by Joe Hennes, Ryan Roe, and Dave Hulteen

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