Sorry, Dorothy, but goldfish are so 1998. Elmo’s gonna have a new pet starting this year – a cute, little rescue puppy by the name of Tango!

We’ll first meet Tango in the new half-hour animated special, Furry Friends Forever: Elmo Gets a Puppy, which will premiere on HBO Max on August 5th. In the special, Elmo and Grover come across a stray puppy and set out on an adventure to find its true home, which may end up being closer than they think. And hey, look! A preview clip!

We’re gonna be seeing a lot more of Tango after that; she’ll join the cast (in Muppet form) in Season 52 coming this fall, and Sesame Workshop has a bunch of products coming out with her cute, furry face on ’em. I can’t wait to use my official Tango Salad Spinner; meanwhile, my copy of “Dorothy’s Guide to the 2006 Winter Olympics” will continue to gather dust on my bookshelf.

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By Shane Keating

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