The fourth and final issue of Storyteller: Witches is coming from Archaia this Wednesday.  So if you’re the type of Henson fan to go nuts over the short-lived Storyteller series (which I know you are), this is a solemn time for you.  My condolences.  But hopefully there will be more from Archaia coming soon!

This issue comes from a script written by Anthony Minghella, who’s credited with writing the final scripts for every episode of the original Storyteller series.  Art comes courtesy of Jeff Stokely, who also provided some of the art for the first issue of Archaia’s Fraggle Rock comic book.

Check out the first few pages of the issue below, as well as the synopsis, and be sure to visit your local comic shop soon to get yourself a copy!

In this final stand-alone issue, Harvey Award-nominated artist Jeff Stokely (Six-Gun Gorilla) adapts an unproduced teleplay by writers of the The Storyteller television show Susan Kodicek, Anne Mountfield, and Academy Award winner Anthony Minghella that weaves together the legend of the Russian witch, Baba Yaga.

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by Joe Hennes –

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