The third issue of Archaia’s Storyteller miniseries hit stores today, and now we’re one step closer to having yet another complete comic collection based on a Henson property.  And like the others, this one looks fascinating and entertaining and totally unique from all the rest.

This issue of Storyteller: Witches is written and illustrated by Matthew Dow Smith, and tells the tale of the Irish folktale, “The Phantom Isle”.  It’s about a young man who shipwrecks on a mysterious island ruled by a council of witches.  He has the choice of freedom or staying on the isle where he can be immortal.  What would you do??

Check out the preview pages below, and then go to your local comic shop to by Storyteller: Witches issue #3!

StorytellerWitches03_PRESS-2 StorytellerWitches03_PRESS-3 StorytellerWitches03_PRESS-4 StorytellerWitches03_PRESS-5 StorytellerWitches03_PRESS-6 StorytellerWitches03_PRESS-7

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by Joe Hennes –

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