Preview: Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Giants #1

Published: December 5, 2016
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The latest installment of Storyteller, um, stories begins this week!  Now that we’re done with witches and dragons, The Storyteller and his dog are back to weave some tall tales about giants.

The first chapter (of four) is written and illustrated by Conor Nolan, in which he adapts the Japanese tale of “The Peach’s Son”.  Take a peek at the alternate covers and the first few pages below!

storytellergiants_001_b_variant storytellergiants_001_c_focvariant storytellergiants_001_press_2 storytellergiants_001_press_3 storytellergiants_001_press_4 storytellergiants_001_press_5 storytellergiants_001_press_6 storytellergiants_001_press_7

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