We’re consistently impressed with the output from the folks at Diamond, who continue to be the best Muppet licensee these days.  They’re hitting that sweet spot of making quality toys that are actually affordable, and in two different styles for two different types of fans.

They have generously given ToughPigs readers an exclusive sneak peek at the third series of Diamond Select toys as well as the third series of Minimates.  Among the characters included are Rowlf, Mahna Mahna, Janice, Floyd, the Newsman, Lips, and Constantine.  What a fantastic mix of classic characters, fan favorites, and deep cuts!

First, let’s check out those Select toys:


Not that you need me to list them out for you, but the folks up top include Rowlf the Dog (who comes in a pack with Crazy Harry and Mahna Mahna), Floyd Pepper and Janice (who come packaged together, as God intended, along with their respective instruments), and Miss Piggy (who comes along with Foo Foo and a penguin).  They all look gorgeous, but my eye is on that pitch-perfect Rowlf.  He’s a good boy.

MinimatesSeries3The Minimates are sticking with the B-listers with their new figures!  The two-packs will feature Patrol Bear Fozzie with Constantine, Floyd with Janice, Zoot with Lips, and Pepe with the Muppet Newsman.  Finally, your Electric Mayhem can be complete!  And how great is that four-armed Pepe?  These simple minifigs continue to impress.

The Diamond Select packs will cost you $24.99 each, and the Minimates will only run you $9.99.  Both sets will be available this fall, and can be found at your local comic shop or online toy store.

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by Joe Hennes – Joe@ToughPigs.com

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