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Published: February 6, 2023
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Last fall, we had a blast (the fun kind, not the “doesn’t drink Wilkins Coffee” kind) presenting a panel at New York Comic Con all about the early work of Jim Henson. And now we’re jazzed (the fun kind, not the “music puppets lip sync to” kind) to share the full video from the panel with all of you!

Joining us on stage are:

  • Craig Shemin – Muppet writer and author of “Sam and Friends: The Story of Jim Henson’s First Television Show”
  • Ryan Dillon – Muppet performer
  • Rollie Krewson – Master Puppet Designer and Builder, The Jim Henson Company
  • Susie Tofte – Archivist / Collections Manager, The Jim Henson Company Archives
  • Dave Hulteen – Muppet artist, cover artist for “Sam and Friends: The Story of Jim Henson’s First Television Show”
  • A “Sam” replica built by Emily Engel

Wow, what a crew! We chat about the origins of the book, finding inspiration in Jim’s earliest innovations, and more. But before we share the video: We have a very special announcement from Craig Shemin!

Craig has announced that the Sam and Friends website has been updated with new information regarding giveaways for anyone who’s already bought their book, and for anyone planning to get one. You’ll be able to receive a signed bookplate by the author, a bookmark, a Sam for President mini-poster, and a sticker (all designed by Dave Hulteen), as well as access to a digital gallery filled with color photos from the Jim Henson archives. And it’s all free! Click here to find out how you can get all this marvelous stuff.

And now, we’re please to present our thrilling and informative New York Comic Con Panel, Jim Henson: The Early Years! With many thanks to PopVerse for filming the event for us.

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