Since its debut in 2020, HBO Max has been the first-run home of all Sesame Street content. With the upcoming merger of HBO Max and Discovery+, a lot of good content will be sacrificed. And the latest news reports that a good amount of Sesame content will be leaving HBO Max soon.

According to Variety, 36 titles will be removed as early as this week. Among those titles are Elmo’s Not-Too-Late Show – Elmo’s late nite-style talk show that boasted fun and games and celebrity guests. HBO Max will also be losing a “select group of Sesame Street specials”, which we presume may mean the annual specials that have been produced since the HBO deal such as “Furry Friends Forever”, “The Power of We”, and “The Monster at the End of This Story”.

HBO Max will also be removing Esme & Roy – an animated series produced by Sesame Workshop.

Naturally, this news gives us pause. With so much moving around behind the scenes at HBO and Warner Bros, it’s possible that Sesame Street may be on the chopping block. The removal of these series and specials indicates a lack of investment on HBO’s part, making us worried that Sesame may have to find a new home. Further, it could mean no Sesame Street feature film, fewer specials, or even a lower budget for the flagship TV series.

ToughPigs will be following this story as it develops, and we will keep our fingers crossed that Sesame will come out ahead in the end.

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by Joe Hennes –

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