Did you know that the Muppets were featured on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post for three years in a row? It’s true! And also a fact! The second of these monumental issues came during the blustery winter of 1980. It was the month in which there were only three topics on people’s minds: Space Colonies, Pro Football, and the Muppets. Oh, and Jerry Fallwell, but he never did go out of style.
Today on ToughPigs, we’re going to take a look at what inquiring minds were asking when they flooded the Saturday Evening Post message boards with questions about the Muppets. As it turns out, people wanted to know about Michael Frith. And in case words aren’t your bag, SEP provided us with some fancy pictures too. Lookit the pretty pictures!

Special thanks to ToughPigs’ own Michal for providing the magazine!

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