This just in! The deadline for NicheMuppet has been extended to Wednesday, September 12! NicheMuppet is the reader participation thingy where you come up with a new Sesame Street Muppet designed to appeal to a very specific demographic, be it a Muppet with a particular job or hobby or whatever.

If you need inspiration, consider Leo the Party Monster, a Sesame character who actually existed. All he cared about was partying, so he was destined to be a big hit with all the rave-goers in the audience. Except that the ravers probably stayed up late, which meant they couldn’t get up to watch Sesame Street in the morning, which is probably why Leo the Party Monster didn’t stick around very long.

But you get the idea. Send a description of your character, and a picture (if you feel artistically inclined), to me at Get it to me by September 12, then look for the best ones to be posted right here on Don’t be a procrastinating Muppet! Send your submission today!

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