The new season of Sesame Street (its 38th! Holy cow!) started on Monday, and it’s as great and hilarious and star-studded as ever. Oh, and educational. It’s that too. Word has it that every episode this season will include some kind of appearance by Abby Cadabby, the funny fairy with the poofy pom-pom pigtails. When Abby debuted last year, we heard a lot about how she was very carefully designed to appeal to little girls.

Now, it makes sense for a children’s show to create a character aimed at little girls, because that’s half their audience (not counting the grown-up nerds who still watch the show, like you and me). But it got me to thinking… what if Sesame Street wanted to target other demographics? More… niche-y demographics?

That’s where you, the readers of Tough Pigs, come in. I want to hear your concepts for a brand-new Sesame Street Muppet calculated to appeal to a certain set of viewers. What if the show wanted to reach the stamp collectors in the audience? They could introduce a Muppet named Posty, who’s covered in stamps, or who goes around sticking stamps on everyone. Or what if they wanted to grab the attention of the extreme sports crowd? They could bring in Gnarly Monster, who’s obsessed with bungee-jumping off the roof of 123 Sesame St. or skydiving onto Hooper’s Store.

Those are terrible examples, so you’ll have to come up with a better one. Write up a description of YOUR idea for a new character — their name, physical appearance, and who they’re designed for — and send it to me at If you’re feeling especially ambitious, you could include a drawing of your new Muppet… and if I like it, I’ll post it here on the site. I reckon three weeks is a reasonable amount of time to get the job done, so look for the submissions to be posted here on or around September 6. I’ll post a reminder or two in the interim, in case you’re in the “forgetful” demographic. (By the way, that group already had its own Muppet representative.)

So what are you waiting for? The fly-fishing enthusiasts of the world need a Muppet that speaks to them! Send your submission to today!

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