NEW “Muppets” Parody Trailer: The Pig With The Froggy Tattoo

Published: September 15, 2011
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When the full-fledged trailer for The Muppets showed up a while back, I thought we had seen the last of the shorter parody trailers like “Being Green” and “The Fuzzy Pack.”  But I was wrong!  Now we have “The Pig With The Froggy Tattoo,” as seen here:

Good stuff, eh? I’ll confess, I hadn’t seen the trailer for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo until I looked it up about two minutes ago, but it’s a good choice for a Muppets parody. Like The Hangover Part 2, which inspired “The Fuzzy Pack”, Dragon Tattoo is definitely not a kids’ movie, so it’s yet another good sign that Disney’s marketing folks are aware that grown-ups could be a huge percentage of the movie’s audience.

One thing that struck me, though… The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is based on a Swedish crime novel.  The Muppets have a popular Swedish character who seems to appear fairly prominently in the new film.  Did it occur to anyone to make a reference to that in the “Froggy Tattoo” trailer?  Oh well.  As with the other trailers, I’m sure we’ll have more fan-obsessive things to say about it soon, but in the meantime, please continue to watch it over and over again.

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