With the debut of the DrDoozer.com website, we’re now seeing new Fraggle Rock merchandise available to us. For now it’s just shirts and puppets, but more are on the way.

These funky designs are available in various colors on t-shirts and children’s sweatshirts, and while they look kinda neat, the price tag is at a whopping $45 for an adult tee.shirts

These puppets may be the “Quality Fraggle Rock puppets” we heard about several months ago. And while it’s hard to tell how good the quality is from just a picture, the jury is still out on whether the exaggerated designs will be cute or disturbing.reddoll

Lastly (for now), we’ve been teased about Doozer toys that will soon be available as well. And we’ll get details on those to you as soon as we have them!doozer

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by Joe Hennes – joe.toughpigs@gmail.com

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