Book.ewballsBack when the Muppet Wiki was new, the admins were still figuring out how everything was organized, what sort of details would be included, what color shoes it would wear, and whether or not it should grow a mustache. One of the ideas which was hit-or-miss was the Lists category, which currently contains lists such as “Characters Who Have Died“, “Muppets Imbibing Alcohol“, and “Muppet Show Guest Stars Who Were Born in 1896“. But sometimes an article is declared to be not encyclopedic enough, so it gets pushed to the wayside.

One of these deleted lists is “Characters Whose Names Sound a Bit Rude”, a collection of Muppet characters on the Wiki whose names, when taken out of context (and usually when context abounds) appear dirty, naughty, or otherwise perverse. Hey, what might be the Muppet Wiki’s trash becomes ToughPigs’ treasure! Don’t worry little list, you’ll fit right in on our website.

So without further ado, I bring you the Muppet Wiki’s list of Characters Whose Names Sound a Bit Rude!

Let's_Compare_SizesArchbanger Fraggle
Big Head
Billy Bones
Boober Fraggle
Crankshaft Doozer
Dicky Tick
The Dingers
Dr. Feel
Easy Pete
Farkas Faffner
Fat Blue
Frankie Frank and the Footers
Granny Fanny Nesselrode
Hard Head Henry Harris
Harvey Beaver
Henry Sackbutt
Hottybotty Hen
Howard Handupme
dickLubbock Lou and his Jughuggers
Moe Cocker
Mr. Poodlepants
Nine Inch Snails
One-Eyed Jack
Peter Cratchit
Randy Pig
Sexual Harris
Sherry Netherland
Sir John Feelgood
Spotted Dick
Surelick Bones
Two-Headed Monster
Wally Whoopie


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by Joe Hennes –

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