Here’s the Trailer for “The Muppets”

Published: May 23, 2011
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Yep, after DAYS of waiting for it to pop up somewhere online, we can now bask in the glow of the trailer for The Muppets, which has been posted on YouTube in the guise of a romantic comedy called Green With Envy. Check it out:

Pretty sneaky, eh? I wonder how many folks who didn’t know about the movie (and believe it or not, there probably were five or six of them in America) took it at face value for those first 50 seconds. Do you think that early stuff will even be in the real movie?

Mad props to Tough Pigs’ own (ever-vigilant) Peter Papazoglu for alerting us to this. And stay tuned to this website for our inevitable exhaustive deconstruction of every single frame as we continue to celebrate this movie thing moving one step closer to reality.


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by Ryan Roe –

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