Muppets Haunted Mansion is going to be hitting our streaming devices this October, and there’s been a bunch of developments recently that we at Tough Pigs need to catch up on! First, let’s check out this poster, which was seen on gift bags given out at the recent Disney Parks After Hours Boo Bash:

We can see the Muppets will be taking on roles from the attraction, including Fozzie as the Hat Box Ghost, Miss Piggy as Madame Leota, and Kermit as…the Dapper Pencil-Mustache Ghost, I’m guessing. Excuse my novice-ness, I’ve only ever ridden the attraction once in my lifetime.

Next, let’s talk celebrity guests, a staple of any Muppet production. Two have been announced thus far – Geoff Keighley (creator of the Game Awards) will appear as Uncle Theodore, one of the Singing Busts (the bust that is busted), and Darren Criss (former Glee star) will be appearing as “the Caretaker.” I don’t know about you, but I need that wallpaper background in these promo pics ASAP.

Speaking of Darren Criss, Miss Piggy recently appeared at Criss’ annual Elsie Fest musical festival to promote the special. The two shared a duet of King Harvest’s “Dancing in the Moonight.” And lucky for you, we managed to capture video of the performance!

Moving right along, the newest issue of Disney twenty-three magazine has a three-page spread about the new special, featuring interviews with Leigh Slaughter (VP at the Muppets Studio), Gonzo, and Pepe. Twitter user @jadz1a was kind enough to share some pictures of it:

Finally, the Disney Information Station reports that PizzeRizzo in Walt Disney World has gotten in on the promotional campaign. Starting this month, the restaurant is selling eclairs with special edible toppings showing the Muppets as the portraits in the attraction’s Stretching Room. Here, we see Crazy Harry appropriately as “the Dynamite Guy.” There are reportedly three other topping portraits that will also be availible soon. I’ve admittedly never had an eclair before, but the notion of eating Crazy Harry’s face is very enticing.

Phew! And that’s all there is for now! Keep your eyes on Tough Pigs and our social media for further updates as we get closer to the release of Muppets Haunted Mansion.

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By Shane Keating

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