After seeing Elizabeth Banks and Topher Grace in the Muppets pilot presentation, we figured there would be some good representation from the celebrity world (despite the fact that, as Lew Zealand so succinctly put it, a celebrity is not a people).  So we’re pleased to see the first trickling of stars appearing on The Muppets.

Look!  It’s Firefly‘s Nathan Fillion!


Oooh, rock band Imagine Dragons!


Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon!

Kerry Washington and the cast of Scandal!  (Note that we have no idea if they were actually filming for the show.  Maybe it’s something else?  Or maybe they were just visiting the set?  I guess we’ll find out!)

After the news about Kermit and Piggy’s breakup, Kermit and Miss Piggy traded tweets with some famous folks.  Perhaps there are some clues there as to who else might be joining them on the show? On Kermit’s Twitter account, he spoke with Ellen DeGeneres, Neil Gaiman, Tracee Ellis Ross, Ming Na, and Emmy Rossum.  Meanwhile, Miss Piggy tweeted to Alan Cumming, Marc Jacobs, and Sarah Michelle Gellar.  Neither of them tweeted to us, so I guess we won’t be appearing on the show anytime soon.  Sigh.

Stay tuned as we reveal more information about the new Muppet series!

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by Joe Hennes –

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