muppetcastI hope you enjoy listening to the soothing sounds of Joe and Ryan on the MuppetCast, because we’ll be appearing in every episode of the podcast until the Muppet Madness tournament is over. And believe me, we have a lot to say about the electoral colleges of Muppet voting!

So once again, we joined Steve Swanson on the MuppetCast to discuss the round 1 results (which you can view here) and the competitions coming up in round 2. We also joined Steve in chatting about the Muppet news of the week, giving our patented spin on things like the upcoming Dog City DVD.

Click here to listen to the latest episode of The MuppetCast!

Remember to keep on voting in the Muppet Madness tournament and keep an ear out for us on the MuppetCast again next week!

Click here to wonder which voice is Ryan’s and which is Joe’s on the ToughPigs forum!

by Joe Hennes –

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